Ability to set and save different camera angles

I was thinking of, when using the free cam, we would be able to set different camera angles and be able to save them to use for later when we reload the game.

Think of Chase Plane.

In both ways this would be good and bad.


In what ways would it be bad?

Well just for the time being, because the devs are fully committed to global. Than after that they have the MD11/DC10. But after that it’d be awesome to have this! (That’s the good part)

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Well Yea I understand the devs are commited. Probably shouldve mentioned that I was aware of it 🤔

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Huh, I could swear I’ve seen this in multiple requests already…

You created one last year. @S_Olejniczak

I believe this is a duplicate.

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Huh, welp. No wonder it seemed familiar.

Support this fully. Wanted to request it earlier ;)

I am so sorry!!! Next time I will check better.

Could’ve sworn I looked hard. Guess I was wrong

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This idea you mentioned could possibly be on its way with global but if not it is a great idea.

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I was just watching Matt Davies’ video on Chase Plane and it gave me this idea.

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Nice request, then we can do this

I’m at the emergency exit