Ability to send all aircraft to another frequency when closing


Today I’m requesting a new ATC message.

What is it?
This feature would work at a busier airport with more than one frequency per service. When a controller change is in progress, the new controller would open the alternate frequency (we’ll use Heathrow Tower - 118.50 is closing and 118.70 is opening), and the outgoing controller (118.50) would send the current “Attention all aircraft, Heathrow Tower is now closed, good day!”, but modified to say “Attention all aircraft, Heathrow Tower is now closed, please contact Heathrow Tower on 118.70, good day!”.

Why is this needed?
The way controller changes work is a bit messy at the moment. There is a gap where no ATC is present, which can be quite overwhelming for the new controller. This would allow a smooth, quick transition to the new controller and wouldn’t be too difficult to implement. I understand that this is not a foolproof feature, but it could stand as a short term solution until a more complex feature is implemented:

Another example is if too approaches are merging into one, say if Heathrow south approach is closing but no one is taking it. The closing controller can quickly and easily send all aircraft to the other approach frequency.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know of any problems, questions or improvement in the comments.

That’s a great idea and I fully support this. I can’t count how many times a frequency was closed and I was Onguarded 2-3 mins later.


Couldn’t agree more.

You have my full support! I’ll try to clear a vote 😊

Edit; voted 😀


I’d prefer the complex version you linked, that one is way more exciting then the workaround if anything was going to be implemented.

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I understand that, and completely agree with you, I just think as short-term fix until a more permanent solution is completed, this idea could help cleaning up controller changes.

I get where you’re coming from and why you’re requesting it, but I don’t think it’s really necessary. Usually when I have an incoming controller open a new frequency during a controller change I’m doing it because I don’t want them bombarded with tens of messages as soon as I close, so I’ll send aircraft over one by one at a rate I find appropriate, based on my experience and prior coordination with the incoming controller, which I feel is a better way to do it as it doesn’t overwhelm the new controller with a wave of messages. I’m not trying to disregard your request, as I said I see its point, but I don’t think it’s fully necessary.

Thanks for linking my request though 😅

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