Ability To See Which Gates/Stands Are Taken at Airports

There should be a notification that checks whether a gate is open or not, and for arriving planes, a light on the tarmac that indicates a spawning plane, or if the plane is too big for the gate. I hope this feature is added to make the lives of pilots in Infinite Flight easier!


So people are to lazy to scroll down a bit to a realistic terminal to many people spawn at the first terminal for the aa commuter at LAX


If they had 3D maps in Infinite Flight, you know when you’re riding in an airplane, you see signs for certain gates.

@The_simulation_nerd Here’s a suggestion for you… Prior to your flight Google the Runway Diagram/plate for your planned Start Airport. IF major airport layouts replicate the real world taxiway/runway structure. The Plates are detailed. I found this helpful in spotting my plane close to the active. Just Sayin Max,


I use aerodrome charts etc to use the correct gates / terminals etc, but I would like the feature about already occupied gates. It’s kinda annoying when you’re sitting at a gate for a few mins planning your flight / waiting for pushback clearance etc, and someone spawns over the top of you.


Instead of complaining about getting spawned on I think we should be happy we have the option to spawn in multiple places. I mean how many other flight sims even have multiplayer? I’m not being a smarta$$. I promise I’m not but I have logged over 300 hrs in multiplayer and can count on one hand how many times I’ve been spawned on. The key is not picking the first option at the top. Most people pick the first option so that is going to be a popular one. Ex. At KSAN I always pick the coast guard parking (very last option) and its right by rw27.


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Yes, just type the airport code + charts on Google. You should be able to find what you need in Infinite Flight. For example:

If you need to find charts for Heathrow, type:

  • EGLL Charts
    For Paris CDG - Orly
  • LFPG Charts (Or check SIA)
  • LFPO Charts (Or check SIA)
    For Los Angeles LAX charts:
  • KLAX Charts
    For JFK:
  • KJFK Charts



But I don’t want to start my Southwest flight from the coast guard parking?

As you guys often fly in south california region, here is KLAX taxi chart:


Why not? Because you don’t think your passengers should have to walk that far to board the aircraft? I mean come on…

I don’t care which terminal you spawn in, my point is not to use the first one available.


Well I believe we have a consensis! 1) don’t use the 1st Choice. If there are limited choices immediately move out of the space of choice so the spooner has room. 2). Download or access the plate and orient yourself as part of your flight planning process. Think that covers all the bases.

@Swang007 or one of my coconspirators. Pls close this one, thanks.

Max Sends

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If there was the ability to create your flight plan before spawning, then your second sentence makes sense Max. if not I’m going to take the time I need to complete the flight planning process. First come, first served.

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@Bayou37…No sense! Interesting… I create my Flight Plan off line from a Wac & the Plates. I punch it up on the apron before I roll. If Fixes don’t match I extrapolate. Another thing I do is look at an aerial view of all new airports I choose to fly into and note Elevations, Hazards etc. on Goole Earth since I no longer have an aerial Image library. ( IF Map could use a Tweek… Random spot elevations would be helpful.). Fly safe & for real, Mad Max Sends


No need to be rude Max, we all know that you have strong opinions. Telling me I have “No Sense” is uncalled for.

I don’t get on the forum and berate you frequent and lengthy ramblings.

while I appreciate you sharing your pre-flight preparation and meticulous attention to detail, we are.all entitled to our own styles as long as we stay within the rules and act in a courteous and professional manner…

Just Sayin


But what if someone spawns on top of you at a terminal? It would be useful! @DIsraelFDS I’m sure you’ve seen how annoying this is. It would be convenient to be able to file a flight plan before spawning in game.

It’s nice spot but if you respect atc You will be stuck there forever on busy day unless atc hold all the traffic on main taxi way to get you in front. In my case all 5 of them on main taxi way tuned into tower, a gentleman gave me way in the end 😀

Consider your self lucky if someone spawns at the same gate as you if you scrolled down and picked a random terminal that only happened to me once

@Blackbird71 That’s why I always go to Terminal 6 at LAX

Have taxied from that location 50 times or more with no problems. I do respect atc. I go my turn when I am supposed to. Either ground controller tells to give way or pilots let me merge. Teamwork. Matter of fact, I think I’ll go there now.

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