Ability to see the arrivals when you click on a airport on the map

I think it would be pretty cool to have it when you press on a airport on your map you can see the arrival board

Go to the status column on the top left.

Select your airport out of the list. Then you would see inbound airplanes.

But he would like to see the arrivals in game because you can’t acess them when your flying only in the menu or when you select atc

Now I’m thinking:

This would not be easy to implement and could take up space. I’d support this though I’m out of votes.

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Isn’t this already a thing when you are ATC? Scroll though and look at current incoming flights?

He wants to see it in a pilot’s view.

Yeah your able to view them when you are atc he wrote it wrong

Might wanna change that then @Nathan_Kaye :)

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