Ability to See Distance Flown While In-Flight

Ability to See Distance Flown While In-Flight

Hello IFC! Thanks for coming here! Do you ever find yourself flying for fun or for your VA and once you arrive you need to have your miles flown at hand? Well, currently this isn’t possible, but once you vote for this request it is!

Background & Purpose

At the moment, during your current flight there’s no way to see your total miles flown. Yes, you could screenshot your distance to destination prior to departure, however what happens if you must circle or go around? Your original distance is no longer the same. Some also say that using LiveFlight works (which it does), however sometimes there is the occasional glitch where your flight plan doesn’t load properly and it still tells you you’re quite the ways away from your destination.

So, to solve this, I am proposing the idea to have “Distance Flown” be an option in the status bar. This way pilots can see how far they have traveled. This is similar to how if you click on another users name in live, it’ll show you how far they have traveled. Having this feature will allow anyone who may need to file the proper distance for a VA, or keep track for fun!

How Will This Work?

In the app currently there is currently a feature that allows one to see the distance another pilot has flown by simply tapping on their information. That means that somewhere in the coding for Infinite Flight there is a function that allows this information to be displayed. I am not suggesting that implementing something like this is a simply copy and paste, yet from my experience with coding, I don’t believe this would be too much of a hassle to implement.

Anyway, without blabbering on with the logistical aspect of this, let me explain how it works so you have a basic understanding of it. At the bottom portion of your screen all users have a status bar. Here you can select many different menus to display certain information about your flight. This feature could be implemented anywhere in there so that it is a selectable option. That way, once you land, or even when in-flight, you could see how far you have traveled!


The above image was photoshopped and made by me for the sole purpose of this topic. Please avoid using the image elsewhere to avoid inaccurate or misleading information.

I am not suggesting that “Track Offset” should be removed. I just simply photoshopped that out to add the text of my request.

Thanks for making it this far! If you are on board with this feel free to drop a vote and/or a reply. Enjoy your day/night and be safe!

Unfortunately I don’t have a free vote for this but I have your support 100%! Great request and this would be really beneficial for LYVA 😀.


I’m out of votes 😓 but this would be amazing, and it would be great for LYVA’s pilots 🙂


Looks cool!

I voted 👍

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That was the inspiration! Thanks for the support Jarad. 😀

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#featurerequestformorevotes 😂

Thanks for the support :)

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Much appreciated! Thank you my friend!

That’s needed! But I’m out of votes 🤪😂

We already have distance to destination. I think you mean distance from departure?

Oh yes! 🤦‍♂️

Good catch, thanks!

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No problem. Your friendly human spell check is usually here.

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100% voting for this. This will be beyond beneficial for those who are in VA/VOs!

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Just gonna give this a nice bump. Flying to HNL right now and had to deviate from the flight plan adding distance. Stinks that I won’t be able to see the exact distance I flown.

I am quite surprised this isn’t in the game at the moment. This is definitely needed!

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Not going to lie; I kinda forgot about this, lol. I’ve become accustomed to taking a screenshot before I depart and hoping that I don’t need to go around or hold.

Maybe this will make its way into v21.1!

Edit: Thanks for the support!

Voted! This will help many virtual airlines to submit their flights into their database.

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