Ability to See All Active Frequencies When in a Flight Session

Ability to See All Active Frequencies When in a Flight Session

Hey everyone! Thanks for clicking on this request. Ever find yourself flying in one of those amazing ATC featured regions and think to yourself, “this region is amazing! Let’s land and fly to a new airport with ATC after this flight and continue the session!” I’m sure most of us have decided that we want to continue our flight after we land especially to an airport with ATC. Sometimes we don’t even know what airports are open at that time since airports close and open while we fly in the air. This leads me to my main idea and what I’m proposing and how we can add an in-session ATC tracker.

Overview & Benefits

In your current in-flight session there’s no way to see the active frequencies available at that time on the server you have selected for your flight. I am proposing the idea to have an in-session ATC tab where pilots can see what airports are open and the frequencies at that airport that are open. This can help people see what airports are open with ATC coverage while they are in the middle of their flight if they want to divert to an airport with service, or want to make possible plans to fly to another airport after they land at their original destination for example. There are many possibilities knowing in your flight what airports in the region are currently open. You may be thinking that there are third party applications/websites with this information already. Sure, there is but don’t you think it’ll be easier having all the information right there integrated in front of you during your session instead of having to get another device out and check on that third party source? I definitely think it’ll save time and would be an awesome way to see controller information and to see the airport(s) open at that specific time without wasting anytime.

How Will This Work?

In the app currently there is a map interface with all the crucial information you use for your flight. I’m sure you all understand how it works or have a basic understanding of it. In the bottom right corner in the map interface, there are three tabs to choose from. You have the MAP, MAP + FPL, and FPL available to select from. I am suggesting there is another tab on top of the existing three called Active ATC. When you select this tab in the bottom right corner, you are greeted with information strips giving information about the airport(s) with ATC service. Each strip as displayed in my image below includes the airport name, the airport facilities open, the frequency numbers, and the controller(s) active.

The image above is photoshopped. Please refrain from using the image out of context to avoid false/misleading information

Be sure to open the full image to see everything in detail if interested

A special thanks to controllers
@Kamryn @mkwiecek @ToasterStroodie @Luke_Sta @AviationReports @alexev for allowing me to use their display names in the image above as an example and @Chris_Hoss for overlooking the topic in the drafts to find any errors.

Thanks a ton for reading this! I hope you like what I proposed. Be sure to support it with a vote if you do like it. I am open to any feedback so please do not hesitate to express your thoughts. Have a fantastic day and remember to be positive!

Very well constructed topic! I will clear a vote for this!

Also this g-force tab got me 😂

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Thank you so much for the support! Glad you like it. Gotta know the g force though so when I’m doing aerobatics I don’t pull 15 G’s since you’d pass out irl. ;)


Tha fact you spelt my name “ItzBlitz” got me 🤣 All good tho. Nice request, I’ll leave a vote!

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Oh crap whoops that’s on me. My bad. 🙄


Very nice feature to have. Great idea, Asher! Voted.

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Thank you so much for the vote! Much appreciated. Glad to hear you like it!

Not too sure if this is is the best thing to see while flying, but I’m supporting this!

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Thanks! I was on the ground anyways. ;)

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