Ability to scroll through callsign prefixes quickly

Hello everyone! I have noticed that there are a lot more airline names in the prefix section when you are choosing your callsign for your flight. However, it’s not very efficient to be scrolling all the way down to an airline name, especially if it is in the end of the alphabet. If IF continues to add more prefixes for airlines or GA callsigns, I think that there should be a new feature implemented in the next update possibly that lets you tap the letters of the alphabet so you can get to the prefix you are looking for in a much more efficient manner. There are lots of websites and what not that uses this. For example, in your contacts app (for iPhone at least), it lets you tap a letter to get to the person you want to faster.

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However, it doesn’t have to be like this, it can be a simple scroll bar that lets you scroll much quicker through the list! But this is not my decision on how they do this should they want to implement something, but overall, I think something to make the scrolling process on the prefix menu for callsigns would be a great addition for the next update, and I think everyone can agree on that. Please consider voting! Thanks!

It would be nice to have a few saved callsigns that you could switch to quickly.

It’s a pain switching between VA callsigns and then to my N21ME one.

I like your idea though too.


Good point! It would also be cool to have a set list of favorite callsigns so you don’t have to remake them again!


oh yeah this would be amazing and if you could see “most used call sign” so that you don’t have to rewrite it before every flight.

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This seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement in comparison to the work the Infinite Flight team does, good suggestion!

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I would support a search feature


That would work too!

I think it would be better to have a search bar

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Yeah I have to agree with you. Seems much more efficient I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that haha

Might I suggest we also include a search feature in this as well because some letters have far more airlines/companies than other also I find those side buttons hard to use because there so small I would rather search. Also I’m not sure if Android has a feature like that that infinite flight could implement.

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