Ability to save Locked Free Camera views

With the 20.2 update we saw the implementation of the Locked Free Cameras, truly one of the best features ever added in my opinion

But personally I think one thing is missing, and that is the ability to save locked free camera views

How would it work

As you can see in the image above we have an example of locked free camera view.

If I wanted to save it, I would just click the “Save View 1” button.

After saving the view, the button would change to “Set View 1”, being clickable only when in one of the locked free cams.

My idea is to be able to save 4 views, 2 for outside drone cams and 2 for inside drone cams, with the possibility to change them whenever you want by deleting the current and setting new ones.

Why do we need this

Some people, including me, like to have the wingviews as realistic as possible, but sometimes it is pretty difficult to set them perfectly.

With the implementation of this feature, we wouldn’t need to set the cameras at the start of each flight, saving time and benefiting pilots who are in a rush

how would this work when going through different planes

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I need this as I have to set my locked free cameras before every single Flight.

This will also be helpful if you are in a rush, your camera views are always Saved, just like the status bar configuration.

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Each plane would have its own saved free camera views

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I fly multiple aircrafts on Infinite flight, but whenever I go back to a plane, the fuel, Cargo and PAX weights stay exactly how I left them last time.

Giving this a little bump

I feel this feature is getting more needed every day that passes as the world is slowly coming back to normality and people are going to work/to school more constantly and, as a consequence, having less time to fly
By adding this we could save a good amount of time when preparing our flights :)