Ability to Resume Previous Flight After an App Crash

Hi I have an idea of how to solve the problem of when infinite flight crashes. Once the you get back on infinite flight after it crashes maybe it could be an option that you could continue the last flight. Even if it is online becwuse when you loose internet connection then get it back the same thing happens when an aircraft just pops up. I think this would be a good idea because it is an easier solution then fixing the thing that made the app crash. It would also have the same satisfaction at least for me.

Great Idea! Just be sure to vote for your own request!

Awesome idea (out of votes sadly!)

I doubt this will be added. When IF crashes, your flight ends too and all the data accumulated throughout within the app is also gone, I wonder how’s it possible to retrieve data loss. But if magic is done, it’ll not make me rage over a long-haul flight

true, it will be very difficult
(especially on long flights) save all data in IF and fly again.
but it will be interesting how they will do if this goes ahead


Everytime my flight crashes and I can’t continue I’d rage literally. Can you imagine the pain of losing 10 hours of accumulative flight time?


There are software applications that frequently save a current point, from which you can continue in case of a crash. Best example I know is MS Word. Weather this will be possible in IF, with our mobile devices with relative small memory, is to be seen.

I would be more interested to spend energy to investigate why, under what circumstance the app crashes and what can be done. The only times this happened to me, it was my own fault (too many apps open, didn’t clear device memory, etc).


I love this feature. I needed yesterday cause I was doing long haul and my game crashed and I lost everything.You got my vote

Not as hard as it sounds if you look at someone else in the area you can see there speed alt position etc it might be a couple secs earlier but it will spawn you at the last place the system picked up ur data :)

I was thinking they could use the data from live flight to see the flight plan last position altitude etc…

It happened to me this morning when flying London to Hong Kong that is when I came up with the idea

Hmmm… difficult one. If you’re game crashes on final at an busy airport with ATC, it would be very irritaring for the ATC if you dissapear and appear again at an later moment. With some bad luck, you’re way too close to an other AC and that woulf cause an separation incident, and chaos to the ATC and other plane

Maybe you could only respawn above 10,000 feet and if you are under when you respawn you would just be a bit farther back

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Ok sure, but how? I have never heard of a game capable of this, so I don’t see IF LLC being able to implement it. If it was possible it would certainly exist 🤷🏻‍♂️

That is the greatest idea to a player who just crashed his game while climbing out from VHHH. You got my vote

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maybe not when you are on a multiplayer server, but if you are flying solo this would be the best thing ever! If I had a dime for every time my app crashed when I was about to land during a solo flight, I would be Donald Trump!