Ability to reset camera angle only

I’d like to request the ability to reset the angle of the cameras only, while leaving the zoom amount untouched.

I’m a big fan of the virtual cockpit view, and in some aircraft (particularly the XCub and A-10) I like to fly with a different amount of zoom than the default amount. If I move the camera to look around, I can’t reset the angle back to default without resetting the zoom too.

Maybe a setting allowing users to choose the action that double-tapping triggers (reset angle only, reset angle and zoom…) or something else, like a triple-tap? I’ll leave it to the devs to decide how (and if) this should be implemented.

Seconded. Double tap for angle, triple for angle and zoom would be my suggestion

I’ll actually support this. When I fly the Cessna in game I am generally used to being able to view the engine cowling since I fly a C152 and am very tall (no idea what a C172 is like, guess it is pretty much the same). Flying at such a low or different camera view can be deceiving for the experience so would be pretty cool having a better view of what I am used to see out of the cockpit.

Made a little comparison from the best photo I have of a realistic view to the Cessna’s view in game. The blue is the dash just before the windscreen, and usually if I am sitting more upright the engine cowling is in sight. In game, none of the dash on the interior side of the windscreen or any of the front can be viewed, unfortunately not all pilots are Jason sized.

Just to boost the realistic feel of flying in Infinite Flight on the whole on different views, seats, and many other factors I definitely will put a vote to this. Great idea!

This line is a little wonky, drawing straight lines on a device isn’t easy. ^