Ability to report turbulence

How many of you have always encountered what seems like unexpected or really random turbulence in flight? To me, this happens fairly often.
I feel like that if you are inflight and encounter turbulence you should be able to report it. It could be as simple as a button in the pause menu that says “Report turbulence” then you could select a light, mild or extreme option, then it would just be a button that says “report turbulence”. Then on the map, there could be different colored circles to indicate the severity of the turbulence. Then other pilots would know to avoid that patch of sky. After about 0:45-1:00 of time the circle would disappear.
I think this would be a great way to know which sections of the sky you should avoid and to ensure that the flight won’t have any major problems.

Not a bad idea, but i think it might be abused


Even on the expert server, people can still abuse it. Just like what happened to the report button.

That would be cool, but I like turbulence to be a surprise…

I was thinking, maybe in order to not abuse this system, they could make it available on a frequency and report it to the current ATC (like a Center frequency though Center would have to be re-added).

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Have every Delta flight report light chop


For the time being you could use this thread:

Maybe it could be automatically. IF will detect the violent turbulences. So it could be helpful. Also i always look for turbulence landing, but couldnt find. It would help. If it can be automatically, it will prevent abusement.

Good idea, but I definitely think that it will be abused Even on the Expert server