Ability to report airport in sight only enables when given “Expect vectors for visual”

While controlling Approach on the Expert Server, there’s been plenty of pilots reporting airport in sight at the wrong time. Some pilots even feel the need to report airport in sight on departure. Here’s an example of someone cleared for the ILS approach reporting airport in sight:

I’m proposing that the ability to report airport in sight only be enabled when given the command”expect vectors for the visual approach”, and/or “report airport in sight” by ATC.

The option to report airport in sight is available as soon as any “expect vectors” command is given.

I think I’m in love.


Thanks for clearing this for anyone who still had a misunderstanding of when to use this command! Cheers! 😀👍

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I love when people report airport in sight right after they contact departure. When the airport is directly behind them.

I’d love to see this implemented.


It is absolutely needed!
Thanks for voting!