Ability to report airport in sight only enables when given “Expect vectors for visual”

While controlling Approach on the Expert Server, there’s been plenty of pilots reporting airport in sight at the wrong time. Some pilots even feel the need to report airport in sight on departure. Here’s an example of someone cleared for the ILS approach reporting airport in sight:

I’m proposing that the ability to report airport in sight only be enabled when given the command”expect vectors for the visual approach”, and/or “report airport in sight” by ATC.

The option to report airport in sight is available as soon as any “expect vectors” command is given.

I think I’m in love.


Thanks for clearing this for anyone who still had a misunderstanding of when to use this command! Cheers! 😀👍

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I love when people report airport in sight right after they contact departure. When the airport is directly behind them.

I’d love to see this implemented.


It is absolutely needed!
Thanks for voting!

I still think is a really good idea, even after two years. Would teach pilots something that we can’t teach very easily with the commands we have available to us. Controlling airports like LAX recently I noticed that this is very common. Have seen it in a few other sessions recently as well with more traffic coming with the latest update. Since it’s still an issue and can allow for more realism and pilot education, I think this is still a feature we should consider voting for.

Especially because we have the blocked out “remaining in the pattern” when pattern work is disabled. This would be pretty similar and so I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to implement.

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A point to bring up here: server disconnects and frequency changes need to be covered appropriately.

Bumping this again!

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Unfortunately, I still see that. And another, is this considered to be #features? I completely understand that this is old. It would be nice to have someone regular exchange that for kindness!

Yes I believe it is fine.
I agree that this is still seen regularly on both Training Server and Expert Server, and so this would be a really nice touch and make aircraft realize that not every approach is a visual approach, just like how not every departure is remaining in the pattern!

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