Ability to remove the pilot figure from the C-130

The C-130 will be an amazing aircraft, but what really annoys me is that pilot figure sitting in the FOs seat.
It will destroy the whole experience for me…

So since many people like the pilot figure I hope FDS can make it possible to implement a function
to remove that figure as it’s planned for sharklets…


I like the idea!


Why does it ruin it for you? It only makes it more realistic.


I find it will add realism and also i can now have a "virtual conversation " with my FO on those long lonely flights …


A figure not moving just sitting there not even well modeled (you can’t model a human body as perfect as an aircraft cockpit) @emil

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@Joshua_Fleming , @emil
I think he means that the pilot should be placed in the captains seat. Not sure though.

That is absolutely completely totally wrong


I have a hard time seeing that as a bad thing, but sure.

That’s why I want an ability to choose…

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I like the pilot figure in the c-130. it makes it more realistic.


But many don’t.

So an ability to choose would definitely make sense…

This topic is irrelevant due to the fact that the C-130 wasn’t released yet.

True that 😂😂

It isn’t…

…there is no confirmed possibility to choose, so I decided to make a request, since I really dislike the copilot figure…

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Seek help. 😅😆🙂

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But still, why wouldnt you enjoy a update with a Co-pilot in a new plane.

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That non moving guy just destroys the realism for me, and I fear he won’t be modeled as good as the rest of the flightdeck…

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His hands might move with the yoke…

It would be sooo awesome if it did that

May I ask what will it ruin?