Ability To remove Pilot From the cockpit

I Think this would be a small but nice feature, as I find it a bit strange that the pilots just sit there with no animation and I would prefer just to have no pilot/Copilot at all. I’m sure there must be a few people out there who agree with me on this topic.

Thank you!

Flying such aircraft alone is against regulations. What if something happened to you mid flight.


I doubt the frozen statue on the FO seat will help you there😅


It’s to add to the awesome realism, but that would be a nice feature.

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It adds reassurance :D

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How realistic is a lifeless ghost with its hands floating near but not touching the yoke? I think it looks kind of creepy, and certainly gets in the way of such a beautiful cockpit.


Autopilot bro, who needs real people in the cockpit?

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Its just a game man… relax, no need to bring regulation crap into a game lol


You think it is just a game?

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@Mks713 He was joking… @Kate_Russell No need to bring that into the conversation. Can we try and stay on topic?

Personally I think this would be nice to have, and if you look down and to the corner in the cockpit view, you can see inside the guys neck…


I sure hope they never remove Tony the Co-Pilot.

“Ability” to remove the co-pilot. So if you want him in your cockpit you can and for the people that don’t he won’t be there. I think it’s a good request.

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I totally agree with you! Some of those people are just creepy.


All I can say TL0 @schyllberg lol

Let’s supplement the current pilot with the inflatable auto pilot from the movie AIRPLANE! 😉…Please


I agree his head gets in the way if i want to zoom in on something on the right side


Why do people want this? This is basically a request to remove a feature from Infinite Flight, thats like removing the headphone jack from an Iphone!


If you read the post(s) above, you can see inside of your own neck and they never move, its all just a bit creepy. And were not saying get rid of them so there no longer in the game. just a way to get rid of them if we would like to.

They just mannequins