Ability to record whole flight Within IF

Hi pilots,
Since today morning I was thinking that what can be the best possible way to improve our takeoff’s & landings obviously 1st is you need to check & learn from tutorials practice in solo then too we are curios to know that how we have landed while playing on live there is no way that we can check our take our takeoff’s & landings for example now we have the option name logbook in after you click on top right corner on your username in that option we can see all our previous flights from airport - to airport screenshot for reference

What I’m trying to say here is as you can see I’ve done a previous flight from YSSY to YSCB if you click on that a loading screen should appears and a whole flight should repeat for watching, taking screenshots, & learn from our own mistakes that would again have a solution for watching replay on live this would be great addition to IF

Please share your thoughts on this

Happy landings

Why a loading screen?

And do you know the storage that it would require? And then Global? That’s a whole 'nother story…


To repeat whole flight just for watching

If you have a 999999999999999999 Gigabyte device then feel free!


That does not cover any of my questions.

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That is 999 quadrillion 999 trillion 999billion 999thousand 999.


I didn’t bother reading what it actually was, but the point is, as I’m sure you will agree, that you need to have A LOT of storage in order for this to happen.

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Is it possible that this flight record can be save with if servers

Nope, I don’t think it is.

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Hasn’t this been discussed before? And I’m pretty sure if you have an Apple device you can record your flight in the background


No Apple devices cannot record flights in background


We have the option only for apple devices only I don’t see for another device besides apple and also why I’m telling as per log book is when the screen loads & replay start we can watch it from any camera view just as we watch in solo mode I’m not talking about third party screen recorders which shows exactly what has been done at what time hope it make sense

Technically they can if you’re down to breach T&U’s. Before iOS 9 you could as well.

No,i am operating apple devices since iOS 4 my first device was iPad 2 on which I first played IF

Seems like you’ve been slacking then homie

Continuing the discussion from Recording on iOS?:

Air Shou doesn’t work perfectly as it shows a red line above and shows air shou(recording) and the video glitches when cropping it and video quality is low

At any rate, it answers if you can record. Yes you can. At your own risk. And further up in the thread multiple people seem to go over what you could’ve done, pre-iOS9.

Do you have any idea how much memory and storage it would take to record your whole flight? :|


Maybe another thing we can do is if we link to google account then IF should ask the permission to access the Google Drive for the same and for each google id an individual gets 16GB which can be used. For the same just an idea

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Samsung offers the ability to record your games. I have the S7 and it works well on mine…Heck it even worked great on my note 5.

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