Ability to re-paint aircraft?

Hopefully, the title make sense, but after seeing a topic stating we should maybe remove the generic livery I thought why not have the ability to repaint aircraft with the generic livery, cosidering most of the aircraft have it? So, what do you think ;)

NOTE: This is for the simulator as an addon and or in-app purchase

  • Yes, I’d love to be able to make my own aircraft paints!
  • No, I like it how it is

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I hope this isn’t a duplicate, as I couldn’t find it when searching :)


Something along the lines of custom liveries? If so, this is very unlikely as FDS may face a lot of infringement issues after that…


So like what app do you think is best for editing planes? I want to repaint a real life plane. :P


It would cost money…lots of money.


It would be a good idea if FDS charged for a livery to be published after being reviewed, since nothing is forever, I’d say they make it like Snapchat does and you can get your own filter for a determined time , this way you avoid thousands of outdated VAs in the inventory, just make it available per request per purchase and maybe release holiday liveries. Some events would benefit from allowing their members to sport their custom tail work, colors, etc


Yes, I can see what you mean,

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Well I mean FDS implement the creator in game :)

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So does global…I’m not asking for it to be implemented now, actually not even in the next year ;)

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Even though I want a livery of my own to be implemented I have to say no, people can use profane language or design inappropriate liveries.


Two reasons it won’t get added:

  1. It will be hard to render on other’s devices.
  2. People may write/draw inappropriate things on the plane

I agree with you. However to address your second point, it would clearly have to be moderated for that kind of thing, even though it’s unlikely to be implemented.

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On expert, there will be a ghosting for sure. But for those TS1 pilots that fly their aircraft RIGHT SIDE UP and not at 1000KN at 12ft, they can’t really do anything. And they could be 12 year olds behind the device.

Can’t wait to ghost all the inappropriate liveries 🙄

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That wasn’t me, that was me quoting @AsianaIFVA

lol, why wouldn’t they be able to ban them just like they do with inappropriate callsigns?

I know, I was doing that because it was easier, sorry about that

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Most of you don’t realize how difficult it is to texture lol

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Takes time, I’ve done it before, once you get it, it’s not too bad

Ones better than me then- Attempting to repaint the C172 on FSX, I tried colouring the sides blue.

Turns out that wasn’t the sides, it was half the bottom :/

Just use youtube, it’s easy enough when you get one done :)