Ability to play offline

I think it would be good to be able to play with no internet.

I know that downloading terrain would take loads of space, but what if we could just play with the old scenery. I know no one really likes that scenery now that we have global, but sometimes you can’t have internet and still want to practice.

Think of that long car journey you were thinking to get loads of practice, welll with this way you can without needing a very big amount of storage!

I believe Offline version for Solo has been considered by the developers. Hopefully users will be able to use it offline which will come on future updates


I don’t know because he only said with WiFi

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I think be able to play it offline is a good idea, and the wifi only to join multiplayer sesions

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Like Philippe said, this isn’t very simple. I guess that it will come in the future but not any time soon.
At least with Global. Even if we have horrible, low quality terrain, our current devices wouldn’t have enough space to download all of that data.


You can in single player I belive.

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I think he meant flying Solo (Single player) without requiring constant Wi-Fi/Data connection 😉


No need for a request. It will come later if all goes well!