Ability to paint custom livery’s

I think there should be a app that allows you to make custom livery’s I think that this would bring more people to infinite flight

What does that mean is it being deleted

Sorry I made a comment, which was a mistake. I deleted the comment and will be erased after 24hrs. Unless flagged.

Why is it being withdrawn

Oh ok just was worried

Do I have your vote 🗳

I think it would be better if you could import a livery but I know IFC cant use some products

Yeah that might work

I like the concept, but it’s a bit unrealistic. I think to keep realism, I’d like there to be just real liveries and not custom. On top of this, people would make inappropriate liveries. And when this happens, IF would have to make another process in which they have to evaluate each and every livery that is being imported into the game. That’s my take on it😀. Sorry but it’s a no vote for me!


I think that there was already a request, let me see if I can find it.

There’s isn’t. I already checked. There’s some topics that mention custom liveries…but not a custom livery app.

Or is there…


But they could have rules and a image search and the innapropriate ones get rejected

Never mind, you got me there…lol. I was just testing you of course🙄