Ability to only download certain liveries

I couldn’t find a request for this so I’m requesting it:
I was thinking so we have a better variety of liveries for each aircraft why not make each livery downloadable, so that the player can download the liveries they want and not download the ones they don’t want saving on storage on their device. This would make it easier to have more liveries making the game more realistic with the upcoming global update also allowing specialty liveries.

To be completely honest, I highly doubt that specific individual liveries take up as much storage as you might now think.


Yeah but even a little bit less would make a huge difference.

This would be completely useless, because it actually would take up more storage to download them one by one other than just downloading it with all the liveries


Can you elaborate on that?

how will certain liveries be realistic? And how does it take up Storage??

It will make the game more realistic by allowing for more liveries from around the world. With the storage it would help only slightly but like if someone only liked half the liveries of an aircraft they would only download those ones instead of one download of all the liveries.

That doesn’t make it realistic… or unrealistic. Don’t think it really matters. And how would this even be done?


I don’t think storage space is the reason for the number of liveries added

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It was just a thought I had when I wanted more liveries to be added.😀

More items are coming with the next update but to provide users an additional option to select certain liveries is too customizable in my opinion. There’s really isn’t anything wrong with the current configuration of how liveries are provided for each aircraft. No yes vote from me. Best of luck😉


This is predicated on the presumption that the only reason there aren’t more liveries, or, honestly, a reason at all, is based on the storage space they take up.

That’s just not the case. On the list of priorities, what takes up the top of the list, Global or adding an old NWA livery or a livery used on a single plane? Obviously, adding the hundreds of liveries that have been requested takes a back seat.

In order for an idea to serve as a solution, the problem it aims to fix would have to be the source of the issue in the first place. That simply isn’t the case.

[Side note: Why, when people talk about making the sim more realistic, it’s always about liveries? Never “not flying 250 KIAS on final” or “not climbing to FL350 on a 40 nm flight” or “not landing a 781 on a 3500 ft runway”? (Not just here, but everywhere on this forum).]


@Daniel14 I don’t think you understand how much storage this takes up. It is a small skin file. these are less than a MB each.

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