Ability to move the boom in bottom camera view

It would be awesome to be able to move the boom around on the KC-10 tanker while aerial refueling another plane.

I’m not understanding what you are requesting, could you explain more?

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The boom on the KC-10 does not move… he wants it to be moveable and not in a fixed positon.


Does the boom move around IRL?


Yea it does actually


The title is only focusing on the boom being able to move around, only when in the “bottom view” looking backwards… wouldn’t it be better to be able to move it around when you are any camera view in general?

I suppose looking back is vital as you are aerial fueling then and need to see if the fighters are in place.

Being able to move the boom in the same manner a boom operator would in real life during the aerial refueling of another aircraft: the boom has to be maneuvered so it can be positioned into the refueling receptacle of the aircraft receiving fuel.

I understand now. Thank you

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@beachboy0910 make sure to suppoy your own request by voting for it! (: