Ability to make service/cargo doors open by default upon spawn.

And now for my second and final feature request.
I would like the ability to choose the option of ALL doors and other actions be open upon spawn.
So what I mean is, that much in the same fashion that we can choose engines running or not upon spawn, I’d also like the option to make cargo doors, service doors, ect to be open as well.
This will be perfect for those of us flying for IFVARB approved Cargo and Airline VA’s.
I hope you see how this will add to realism and deem it necessary for a vote. Again if anyone can help me explain this more clearly, your help is greatly appreciated.

I don’t see this adding to the realism. An aircraft parked at an airport doesn’t just keep all their doors open as far as i know of, they have to open them up themselves as the time is needed to be opened.

Although, I do wish you luck with this request!


Agree, I can’t really see the point. In real world you also have no option to open all doors of an aircraft. Also have you ever seen an open service door during boarding? Pretty unlikely.

Like said above, you don’t want all of your doors open, I can see what you mean though, seeing as a similar thing is an option for the engines. Maybe revise the feature to let you choose which doors you want open when you spawn?

What’s the point though? Just do it yourself!

So, you basically need like 5 seconds to spawn, open the System tab and open the doors. Probably even less then 5 seconds.

Plus: Show me an airport where the cargos planes stand around and with the doors wide open. I’m pretty sure you won’t find one.

Just spawn, and open the doors. Plain and simple. We don’t need something like that imo. I really don’t see the point here.


Thank you all for ur input.
Moderator please close this.

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Is it just me or do the requests keep getting lazier?


No, just realize that effort here is often rewarded with the above type of comments. I understand if people feel it’s useless but…so seems posting on here period for that matter. Enjoy ur day sir.
Moderator please close this feature request. Thank you.

No, everyone here is entities to theor own opinions! Thats whats great about our Community, EVERYONE RESPECTS EVERYONE ELSE REGARDLESS OF THEIR OPINIONS!

My request to you; keep the feature request open
Also, vite for your own request (;

Also, the other guys who posted about laziness, just keep in mind to keep tour constructive criticism to a minimum as we do not want to offend fellow members of our community!

One door at a time my friends 😉