Ability to leave "Remarks" in flight plan

This sim has given us the opportunity to simulate a wide variety a real world flight scenarios, however with all these possibilities I feel as though there have been problems in terms of communication. Have you ever felt that you couldn’t do something that in the real world is totally realistic and legal but a lack in communication options leads to a “please check help pages” response from ATC? I’m sure many have an the goal of this feature would be to give pilots and controllers a clearer line of communication without having to add tons of new commands.

Example: A Pilot wants to fly VFR around a city to look around and spot different landmarks. The pilot would simply type “City Tour” in the the remarks text box and it would appear to any ATC. This would be beneficial in this scenario because approach would now have a general understand of where the vfr traffic could be and could vector appropriately.

Example 2: Another scenario could be if a pilot would like to practice ILS approaches instead of fly visual patterns. The pilot could type “Practice ILS” in the remarks text box and controllers would know how to handle the aircraft.

Just to be clear I would like this to be just a small text box in the bottom of the Flight Plan page. The text box would ideally have a character limit so information can be concise and easy to understand.

I hope you guys see this has a useful feature that will allow for increased realism in the sim! Thanks for reading!

Thank you, I hope others will agree.


Great idea except for the trollers


Trollers are a part of life. They all get weeded out eventually:)


Example A, Ask for VFR like normal. As long as you are in the proper plane for it.
Example B. Request ILS on a touch and go.

I’m trying to see the purpose of saying a commentas it doesn’t mean anything different to the controller. You are still in the pattern or you can leave and come back.


Sounds good, here’s a vote!

Very true but those are only two examples out of an infinite amount of possible. It also enhances situational awareness for both pilots and controllers.

But the whole point of the command system we have now is that it is standardised and you shouldn’t really need anything else to be able to properly communicate with ATC.

I feel example 2 is so irrelevant as that is what solo mode is for…

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Unless you want to fly realistically. That’s the whole point of having ATC.

It is quite standardized. But there’s still so much grey area when it comes to certain scenarios. Maybe the casual IF user won’t care or understand but for those pilots and controllers who seek realism then this would be a great step forward.

Umm…ok I am not against this I just feel Live is to show off your skills and solo is for practicing. In other words, solo is like your piano lessons and live is your recital. Pretty sure if you are on a real life flight your captain isn’t going to announce over the intercom that instead of getting you to point B he is going to practice his ILS approaches…

Of course not during a scheduled commercial flight. But what if one were to be flight training in towered airspace? That’s just one of many examples I could give. Second, I personally I fly on live because it’s realistic in the sense of having other traffic and ATC and people aren’t always just flying from point A to B in a commercial jet. Like I said there’s tons of things you could be doing in the skies of IF and I think this could save controller and even other pilots both time and headaches. Hope you see where I’m coming from.

I see where you are coming from. But I am not sure you understand what I mean. There is a reason why we have live and solo

Can’t get the full experience of simulating real world aviation without traffic and ATC. To be honest I don’t see a point for using solo unless you don’t have an internet connection or a pro subscription but that’s for another discussion altogether haha. This is probably something that would be most used by GA pilots so if if that isn’t really your thing then I understand.

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thats actually a really good idea

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Really like this idea! Like isn’t clearer communications with ATC a good thing?

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