Ability to Hide Wifi Symbol

The title says it all. I’d love to a feature that allows us to hide the Wifi symbol. Especially when recording video in IF, it can get quite annoying.


How about a “Filming mode”? @matt @philippe


Yup, a good idea. At the moment, what is the best way to screenshot planes without your plane in the way?

Little correction, Theatre Mode? Where you could save your replays and share. Direct upload to YouTube and Facebook

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I thought maybe you could add something in the section where you change from “HUD” to “Maps” to “Services” maybe you could add a fourth one “Nothing” or “Film Mode” where the screen would be empty so you could take screenshots or indeed record a film, maybe it could have basic controls like the throttle and flaps which we could swipe (or make a simple hand movement) to see or something like that. 😄

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