Ability to fly in an "Advanced Mode"

I think pilots rely heavily on the maps within infinite flight. It’s great to be aware of aircraft near you so you can avoid collisions, however imagine a more challenging situation for a pilot where you must:

  • Spawn at the airport you want.
  • Use the map to file a flight plan choosing waypoints to your destination.
  • Once this is done, you activate your flight plan
  • From the moment your flight plan is activated you are no longer able to view any maps (i.e you must rely solely on your flight plan using your Headings, bearing, ground speeds etc to reach your destination
  • You will literally have to obey ATC approach, departure, Center for help if you need it.
  • Landing aids, airport names become invisible (i.e having no visual reference of your location)

I think this would be a cool feature for those looking for an extra challenge to their flying. It could also have the added benefit of people listening to approach commands and following instructions more as they wont be able to just fly anywhere they want.

The only possible issue is that there would need to be active ATC available, but more and more people are being recruited for ATC so hopefully it might not be much of an issue in the future.

Let me know what you think thanks


I really like this idea, but it would only really be useful for the GA aircraft. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing idea (I’m all for it!), but it would be pretty unrealistic on a huge 777.

Love the idea for small aircraft!

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I use my map as the aircraft’s navigation display. I fly using real world IFR plates following real world headings, altitude and speeds.
I fly with airport names off, and for added realism I sometimes also disable airplane names and airplane dots.

I have been following real world flights between Seattle and Portland since the beginning of December. For me there is nothing more rewarding in IF than flying that day’s Alaska 423 or 414 flight, following the same route in the exact same time.

Not to brag, but I have taken it as far as syncing the days actual LiveATC recording to my flight and letting the real ATC at KPDX or KSEA vector me in.
My name is Tom, and I am an IFoholic.


Couldn’t you file your flight plan, and just turn mini map view off in the hud camera or cockpit cam?

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Nice idea but I wouldn’t want to be soley limited to flying GA “navex” type flying. Most of my time I spend sightseeing or what would be described as general handling in unusual attitudes ;) Outside of controlled airspace. If I see a tower or two open I’ll pop in for a couple of T&G’s if they’re not busy. But being restricted to only being able to fly with a FPL is a bit overboard for me.

That’s a very good idea, that will just make infinite flight that little more realistic.