Ability to ditch in the water and not fly afterwards

Hi please can we have a new feature whereby when the aircraft runs out of fuel or has some other problems triggered manually by pilots itself have the ability to ditch in the water and not be able to fly afterwards because it’s weird that I still can move the aircraft to takeoff speeds and fly again after ‘refueling in the water’.

Oh Sully…


Ok, first, we should not be ditching 😂 And second, I do kind of agree with you because I’m on solo and I’m still able to takeoff after landing with no landing gear.


Definitely don’t think this needs to be added. I think people would use it in circumstances that don’t require a ditching. Although I do agree you should only be able to refuel on airport grounds such as the ramp


Why is that so strange? It’s called “GOD mode”!
Imagine that you are piloting a futuristic hovercraft and fly to Jupiter!


Even though I’m on live I can still ‘‘land’’ on the water with or without landing gear, refuel and takeoff without crashing even though I have to do it quick else the violations would start kicking in. Not realistic but it’s also not realistic that I’m able to do that.

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hahah! however, this undermines the realism that IF wants. This sure would be a good feature request but, it won’t be the number 1 priority.