Ability to disable certain aircraft features

With the newer reworked aircraft, there are some performance issues on less powerful devices. IMO IF should provide some kind of option to disable cosmetic features of newer aircraft, eg. seats.

Okay, how would you disable certain features? Where is it located? What will it disable or are you able to choose what to disable?

I do, agree, maybe in the graphics setting, there should be an option to turn off reflections from the sun to the aircraft that was added in 21.1

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Just something in setting to control aircraft interior quality like the other quality switches.

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That’s already turned off by low rendering quality

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I know, but if we use that, I start notice the quality is Worse than it was in 20.3

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More detailed graphics options should be implemented for sure, but that belongs in a seperate feature request.

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Anyway, the seats you mentioned would be something good to be disabled.

I would just like to have cloud features disable option.

Change clouds to clear in weather

Correction : 3D density to none ^^