Ability to delete multiple replays

Unfortunately, in an update or two ago, the ability to delete multiple (or all) replays has been removed, and im really not sure why, and replays are filling up mine (and others) devices. Yes you can still delete them, it’s just way more of a hassle than it was before.

This would be seriously nice to have. Also the ability to lock a replay, so you don’t accidentally delete it would be nice too.


Yeah, like the “starred replays” from before recent updates


Yeah I have a ton of replays and I can’t delete them, it’s really frustrating


I wat the option to completely remove some of mine so i dont have to look at them T_T

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That wastes space right? Cuz if so it is indeed annoying. I did a flight from KJFK-WSSS the replay glitched when I landed in Singapore the plane went straight through the ground. I couldn’t see my landing lol.

Yes it wastes space

This would actually be quite useful, since i often go on short landing practices or do random stuff in the F-18, but then i also want to keep a clean logbook with only ACTUAL flights. Its too much work to select them one by one. This is a simple feature and i hope its added in the next update.

This should have more votes. My iPad doesn’t run much storage and Infinite Flight itself takes up almost 14GB. I’d like to remove all of my replays if possible rather than having to uninstall the game completely lol

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It also records my useless flights and experiments I do on solo mode for fun. I rlly wish it doesn’t record them as there is no need to. I wish the ability to delete multiple replays came back


This would be great, Voted!

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Ability to delete to entire replays?