Ability to Delete Flights From Your Logbook

Hey everyone. So I randomly decided to look through my logbook on IF, and it bothered me how there were many flights in there that were not even real flights, just one’s where I spawned in in an aircraft, and took off, like the ones shown in the photo:

What Would This Feature Do?- This would allow you to delete any flights out of your logbook that were just times when you only spawned in in an aircraft, or just any flights that you don’t want in your logbook for whatever reason.

Why Do I Want This?- This feature would be nice to have because I have many “flights” in my logbook that are just really not needed, and they clog up my logbook. People may have different opinions though.

Thank you for the support!

This would defeats the purpose of the logbook. Let’s say people were deleting their flights where they got violations and ghosts then you can’t really have that evidence there to show without a staff member checking their account. There would need to be some work around for it so that these flights can’t be removed.


this is uneccesary in my opinion.

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Well if you got a violation on your flight, the best option would be just to not delete the flight? (If you want those removed)


I kinda agree

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I have voted, because I think this is necessary to delete ( in my case ) flights that haven’t been completed and that stuff, so you have my support


Also sometimes app crashes and that in reality would mean you fell out of the sky since the destination airport is usually blank…(----)