Ability to CTRL-F in Replays

The Problem

I have to review replays for various reasons whether that be pilot or controlling replays, and to find the exact moment I talked to someone or something was specifically said can be difficult.

The Solution

Pretty simple request. I would love to be able to filter out specfic words in the replay to find specific callsigns or words within all the commands sent and received. A simple search bar somewhere to search would be amazing.

I was thinking of that the other day when I had to ask a controller something and they had to look in their replay. I thought “How does he find the exact moment” Great idea! Just don’t have a vote :(

Hi @Trio
This is a fantastic idea but unfortunately only is really needed for you controllers! Therefore I unfortunately don’t think the wider public will vote for it… But I really hope it is made to help all you IFATC controllers!
Happy Flying :D

Sounds like an idea that can be implemented in multiple ways and expanded on. You have my vote on this one :)

Thanks everyone for voting! :)

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