Ability to create Holding Patterns (as Pilot)

Here’s a old (very old) but similar topic : HOLD button

But here I want to speak about the fact that I sometimes overshoot T O D or have too much fuel at 30nm of the airport, which is annoying in an A320…

So if we were able to add a hold pattern in our FPL these problems would disappear.

I think that devs could develop that idea and we would maybe see it in next updates 😊

I still remember this moment when APPR disengage because of weight and make the plane fall…

Hello Captain,

Calculating time of descent and planning the fuel usage are few of the very important measurements a pilot has to consider before finalising the flight plan and requesting for push back.

I recommend you make it perfect and you’ll have a perfect landing. Good luck.


You can have the best flight planner, but if you don’t change your altitude in the right moment, you’ll enjoy an Holding pattern


I think it’s a good idea, got my vote 👍


Why not just create a hold at one of your waypoint enroute. Simple

Heading to next waypoint +180. Turn right and once wings level, keep the heading for 1min and turn back to original heading. Ofcourse make sure this is wind corrected heading for accuracy.

We have enough automation already


I couldn’t agree more, @QR01


You can do it using liveflight connect. You can enter it while over a fix, and you can set leg length.


yes, sometime I forget to descend if I’m doing my homework or something like tat which usually ends up in some really difficult situations like being at FL34 while on final…


Do mean request a holding pattern?

Pretty nice idea, I hope you have the money to pay it for all players 😉

No, put it manually in the flight plan.

I dont think its going to cost anything.

Does LF works in the device you are flying on?

This would be a nice feature for pilots who are new to IF, I remember this being one of the more complicated maneuvers to get down when I first started out flying. You got my vote!

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That’s a spectacular idea, but it probably should’ve been put in before the global update since it’s another feature the devs would have to work to put into the sim.

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Sometimes if it is to windy or the weather actually isnt good there, I will go into a holding pattern a ways off from the airport. This would help me greatly!

I think you may get more results if you simplify the request.

Add a button that will place your plane in to a holding pattern at your current altitude and location. Trying to incorporate waypoints I feel is too complicated. ATC has it easier since they have the drag feature on the radar.

The bigger question is are there buttons in real life that does this? That may deter many from voting for the realism aspect if not.

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I was thinking about incorporate a parameter case near the “act. Leg” one. That’s the easiest way to make it a bit realistic in my opinion.

Hello @Awoodbay

Yes, it is. However, if all complicated maneuvers are taken over by the autopilot, what’s the excitement of being there in the cockpit, mate? Taking time, practising, learning and implementation of corrections are all what it takes. Have a good time.


Yes there are. Most FMCs have a HOLD button/function which lets you create a hold at present position or some specified waypoint on the route. What the OP is asking for is entirely realistic.

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