Ability to choose your side when controlling KLAX

Hello community i would like to request the ability to choose your side when controlling KLAX!

What am i talking about?
Well while on LiveATC I noticed that there is two different Air traffic controllers for the north side and south side of KLAX.


My Opinion:
I think that implementing this into the game will be amazing because it will be less stressful for the person controlling KLAX at that time!

Hope you all agree with me and give this a vote!

This is already a thing when controlling on expert server. This would not be implemented on TS1 due to the communication between controllers required.


This can help them communicate better, after all it is called ”Training Server”

This would just create more chaos than there already is. As there is no ATIS it becomes even more complicated. This has been requested before and repeatedly denied.


The more the merrier!

Wait on expert you can choose sides as shown?

Yes, on Expert Server controllers are able to select and operate multiple frequencies. For example 2 ground frequencies can be open at KLAX, one controlling the North and one controlling the South.


It has been reserved for expert, and there are no plans to migrate it to TS, namely because there’s no way for controllers to communicate who to contact and when. It would be a very confusing mess.

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Ah i see, so there is no chance of this happening to TS?

Nope, or at least very unlikely.

Wow i really need to train for IFATC

Okay, just thought it might be cool!