Ability to Choose Non-Pro Aircraft


Good evening fellow intelligent beings. I would like to pitch an idea for all of the non-pro users like me, that would improve the experience greatly.

What if we had the ability to choose what aircrafts we had access to when launching the game for the first time?

There are currently 15 non-pro aircraft in the game. So when you launch the game for the first time, you can preview the aircrafts like you can before starting a flight. You select the 15 aircraft you want and you have those for the rest of time. These aircraft would be linked to an account to avoid exploits to access other aircraft.

Another possible feature is that you can switch one of your selections within a certain amount of time, so if someone doesn’t like one of their selections they can change it, but only for the first day/week/other amount of time.

What do you think?

I like the idea, and I can see it being beneficial to users, but I can also see it completely invalidating the pro model.

Say people select only the newest and reworked aircraft, the only thing they’re missing out on then is global scenery and multiplayer, which for many would stop them purchasing pro.

As much as I hate to look at it this way, Infinite Flight needs to make money to exist, and if you remove an incentive to purchase a subscription, it’s not a financially viable alternative.

A possible solution would be to add 1 of the newer aircraft to the free model, giving people a better experience, but also then giving them a reason to subscribe


Well it sounds like an awesome idea, but it’s a business for Infinite Flight and the only one that benefits from this is the consumer

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Well, considering we have only gotten long haul aircraft lately, I doubt people will want to fly the A330 or A350 or 777 around KLAX and KSFO.


I think the thing I’d like to see would be something like an X minute trial to each aircraft for a one time user per account or device by game data, allowing users to have a very short trial of an aircraft (if approaches can be set up on solo then a stable straight and level flight can). Since the base version contains all aircraft anyway (and just need to be downloaded which may be of cost), a very short trial would give the incentive to have more time on the aircraft on a better flight. Of course this once again wouldn’t be of the best help to basic profits, yet could encourage more users to try out their favourite aircraft and give better reasoning to purchasing pro.


What if they got a day instead of a short trial? Then they could actually do something they are interested in.