Ability to Change HUD brightness

Hello all!

I like to fly using current time (almost always). I’ve started flying in night regions a lot more often and have noticed that night flying is incredibly challenging. Yes yes, I know there is a taxiway lights and an aircraft taxi lights feature request, but this is something different that I think would be beneficial to night flying.

Contrary to popular belief, when flying at night the screens in aircraft are normally turned to a lower brightness setting than during the day. Think of it as sitting in a dark room with a computer screen. If your computer screen is bright, then you can’t see the rest of the room. However, if you dim the computer screen it is much easier to see everything around you. The same goes for flying at night. With bright screens, it is nearly impossible to see outside the aircraft, and this goes for all flying - from GA to commercial.

In this AOPA Article about night flying, it mentions controlling your light. When discussing displays, the article states “Generally, the dimmer the portables are, the better”.

Take this image. My device is at full brightness, and I am low over the ground, about to approach KBUF. I am using the HUD view, so there are no obstructions over the ground. However, it is barely visible! This is because of all the lights, especially the bright HUD. If this HUD could change brightness, pilots would have the ability to see during night flight.

Overall, for those of us who prefer to be realistic and fly at the correct time of day, the ability to dim the HUD’s brightness would be extremely beneficial.

This is a nice thing to have I’d say but you can always configure your screen brightness but that changes the whole screen. This would be a nice little feature though. Interesting idea.