Ability to change frequencies using SYSTEMs menu


Since IF is getting more and more realistic, I think we should have a new feature:
an ability to change frequencies using the SYSTEMs menu.

So for example, imagine a situation with ATC:

Test Flight, Contact ********* Tower on 000.00

Instead of having to go into the ATC menu and switch, we can click the Systems Menu, and then a frequency change button:


And the UI would look something like:


  1. COM1 is an active frequency. It cannot be changed.
  2. COM2 is the in-active frequency. It can be changed by being clicked on.
  3. The button with two arrows is the switch button. It will switch the two frequencies around, so if COM1 is 001.00 and COM2 is 002.00, after being clicked, it will be COM1 - 002.00 and COM1 - 001.00.

What do you guys think?

Maaaaaybe but i am unsure that this is a priority.

Whoever said it was a priority? Feature requests aren’t for fights over which has a higher priority, it’s about other users’ ideas being spread out to the community.


I wanted to mean, it will take some Kbs or MBs i don’t know. After many many features have been applied, i can change my mind but i can’t vote for it now and i don’t think that this feature should have more votes than taxi lights, taxiway lights, realistic motor engine sounds, gear tilt etc. unless they have been applied.

Why would you want to have Freq Change button in the systems menu. What does ATC commands have to do with anything in the systems menu? Isn’t it better to just keep it as it is, organized, with ATC commands in the ATC menu and systems is everything with the aircraft to do?

I strongly believe that there is no necessity to rearrange buttons and stuff where they don’t belong. It’s a hassle to go back and forth between the systems menu and ATC menu and I don’t want to have both opened constantly and monitor both while taxiing and flying.

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I understand where you are coming from, but just like in real aircraft, for realism’s sake, we could type in the frequency. It would be more realistic.

I what way is it realistic to have in the systems menu? Care to explain, I’d like to hear you out :)

So, as unfortunately we don’t have an interactive cockpit, we obviously can’t change things in the cockpit.
If it is too early for interactive cockpits, this is one of the features that maybe would add realism because we actually can type in the frequency. If you think about it, it’s more realistic than having an ATC menu and having to switch around this frequency and that. You just type it in, click the button and you are done there.

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Oh, so you do it manually like in real life but we type it instead, I gotcha… hmm, may be something for the future. We’ll see. Doesn’t sound bad ;)


Bumping into this I kinda like this idea and how it adds the realism to IF, you have my vote :)

Dang 2 years but yea

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