Ability To Change Airplane Registrations

Ability To Change Airplane Registrations


When attending huge events where everyone uses the same plane, for example XCubs to Oshkosh, it’s kind of boring/unrealistic for each person to have the exact same registration. Imagine attending a group flight or event and each plane could have their own custom registrations. Even just being able to say the registration number of a member in a #screenshots-and-videos post. These are all useful things you’d be able to do with this feature.


How Would This Work?

For this feature to be beneficial, there would be limitations for what your registration could be. Above, you could see a picture on an XCub with a registration. I was thinking of the idea that a registration must contain numbers and letters. This would be to prevent inappropriate registrations. Once clicking on ‘Fly Solo’ or ‘Fly Online,’ the normal page would display but there would be another button reading “Change Registration.” On that page you’d be able to change your registration, press ‘Ok,’ then press ‘Fly’ like normal. Like a callsign, the registration would be saved so you don’t need to re-enter it when you do your next flight.

Over all, I think this would be a great addition to Infinite Flight. Let me know what you think about the idea. Thanks!


Definitely needed - however would be a lot of work for the developers


Wow such a creative idea! I would vote if I had any left. Amazing feature request!!
Edit: freed up a vote!


Thanks guys! Glad you like the idea!


Clever idea! Nicely formatted post. 👌


This would be awesome @Infinite_Flight_Sims. Clearing out a vote


I would love for that to happen!


It sounds like a good idea but here are two issues I see:

1. Difficultly to Implement
This feature would require to change all liveries as the registrations are a fixed part of the existing ones. Also, IF would need to add a new system so that this could be changed. Those custom registrations would need to be streamed to every other user. This could get ugly especially during huge events. It’s easier to simply stream the same livery to everyone.

2. Abuse
This customization feature would definitely be abused by some users with inappropriate registrations. It would be extremely difficult to filter and control them.

Overall, it sounds like a good idea but I don’t see it being added soon based on what I mentioned.


It could have been cool, this is necessary feature but i have millions of priorities. But in the coming soon, after huge updates, we will need it.


Yea that is a con, but the same goes to callsigns as well.


This could probably be filtered out by the system to a certain limit. Also the Expert server the ATC could report the person.

But of course with every idea there are problems.

I’d love to see this though.


Omg! I would love to have this ability! :D

It would be so useful especially for the non-ETOPS-certified B738 Southwest Heart livery! I could change the registration to a registration that is ETOPS-certified and (hopefully) have ETOPS written on the airplane! :D


This is probably the most useful feature request I’ve seen in a while

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To add to what @Marc said, despite it being prone to abuse and already fixed liveries, I think it would be an excellent idea for generic aircraft i.e you can see with this Etihad 777 freighter.


which is was why it was removed in the first place. So I agree with @Marc here.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this feature was never implanted.

I don’t really understand this feature

Look: here you see a part of a beautiful 787-9 Scoot Airlines. If i’m not saying this wrong, it contains 1 number and 4 letters which represents the registration of this Yella Fella!

Each aircraft has its own unique registration and the main goal of this feature request is the ability to change those registrations in IF.

I hope you got it now :) It’s a pretty good feature 👌


So basically it’s your callsign on your plane?

Not exactly.

A callsign is entirely different and is used as a route number and temporary name for communicating with atc.

A plane registration however is the plane’s identification.
ex. A SQ 78X has 9V-SEB, and it’s the one in IF (I think).
Now obviously there are around 10 SQ 78Xs, each starting with 9V but containing different letters in the other half of the registration.

@Edivan_dcds was trying to tell you since there are so many of (ex. 9V-___)s, we could change the plane registration to something other than 9V-SEB but still maintaining 9V on the SQ 78X.

And then there will be that one person trying to bust the filter