Ability to Bush Fly Without Getting Violations

I know some of you will say “If you want to bush pilot just go onto the casual server” but here me out. I personally believe that we should have the ability to do some bush flying without getting violations while on the Training or Expert servers. These should also be counted as landings as it equates to our in-flight statistics. You might say “well, what happens when someone decides to bush land the A350?” The development team could program it to where only certain aircraft can land in the bush without getting violations kind of like how you can’t get a speed violation in a military aircraft. The permitted aircraft could be ones such as the C172, C208, XCUB, DC-3(if added) and other planes with the ability to land in remote places without designated runways in real life. I hope you understand where I’m coming from and would be willing to support this.
If you do not know what bush flying is here is an explanation of it: Bush flying - Wikipedia

I see where this is coming from. currently don’t have a free vote but the only way i see this getting implemented is if the mods and devs like it or if you have a huge GA following to help you and IF seems to just tolerate the GA aircraft someone come prove me if i’m wrong.

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Don’t forget to vote for your own request.

I certainly wouldn’t wanna vote for something the author doesn’t believe in.


Out of votes due to other features I want as well.

If you are good at those slow planes you can easily land them anywhere in IF without getting violations.
To takeoff needs way better nerves I have done austere landings in X-Cub, C172, A-10C, C-130. All on expert server without getting violations.
There is no need for an extra “feature”.

When i do this it returns me in nintendo 90’era memorys

As much as Bush flying is cool, IF isn’t designed for flying close to ground. The scenery isn’t designed for it. There are plenty of grass runways across America and the world 🙃

What would be the difference on expert rather than on causal?

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What’s the difference of flying in/out of any airport busy or not between Expert and Casual?

You’re just bush flying…

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On expert you won’t see an inverted A380 doing a low pass over the airport :)


And if this were implemented you wouldn’t see an A380 trying to land on the top of a mountain. I hope you all see my point here.

I see a problem with this. If you count landing on the ground anywhere as “bush landing“, this would be an easy way to grind landings.

And there’s no need to have them implement this when we have more important things to add

As told above, you can land anywhere already, just make your plane slow enough before touchdown to get below 35kts within the warning margin. And no, this doesn’t punt as landing. Only landings on runways are counted.