Ability to adjust V/S by 1s or 10s instead of only by 100s

Why is this needed?

I’ll explain with reference to the picture above. As you can see from the graph, the step climbs from one altitude to another with 2000ft intervals takes place over a long period of time which last for a few hours. In fact, you can’t really notice an increase as it’s very gradual. This is because the aircraft is climbing below 100fpm which is currently impossible in IF using A/P. IF should enable pilots to step climb on A/P with the V/S button being able to select climb rates below 100fpm for realism. I know this can be done manually and thereafter hold V/S but you would need to calibrate it many times and you’ll probably need to put your device on something sturdy for stability. So please don’t comment saying that this can be done manually and that this thread is meaningless

The picture above shows a faster climb rate which is what IF allows currently. Although this feature could be of lesser priority (at least we can step climb with autopilot with 1000fpm) but it would be bonus if more gradual and slower step climbs are enabled with rates of below 100fpm.

I honestly see no reason for this. I could see by 50s, as it helps for refueling and aerobatics, but 1s? That’s a barely noticeable change. Even -100 is still not that much. It’s only 1.6 feet per second.


by 50s would be useful, maybe by 10s but not 1s. I’ll see if I can find a vote to free up for this!

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I agree on that, it isn’t much. But if it’s 2000ft intervals, it would take 20 minutes in real time. But Flightaware has flights that take a few hours (I’ve seen a flight take 7 hours to step climb from initial cruise to TOD).

Do you notice that the data for those climbs is white, which means FlightAware did not have any actual data for that flight so it interpolated based on known points (green). A plane is not going to climb like that, because 99% of that climb it’s not at a proper altitude.


Hey there @anon91707592 nice feature request, however you must place a vote of your own!
Failure to do so can lead to the topic being closed - @schyllberg am I correct?

We’ll @BennyBoy, you’re a real world BA pilot aren’t you? Do they ever do this in real life on long haul flights?

Also @anon91707592 I support your request. Whether it’s an unnoticeable amount, I would like to use less than 100vs on many occasions, for example when aerial refuelling: sometimes, controlling the plane manually can be unsteady, and this would be useful.

  1. No I’m not a RW pilot

  2. when I have flown on planes, I have noticed on the IFE that the step climbs from ex. FL370-390 have taken maybe 2+ hours

That “gradual” climb only shows up in radar deadzones where they lost contact with the aircraft because they arent near radar sights, mostly over the oceans. If the altitude is changed it still is changed at a rate of 3-500fpm like normal but the graph has that spread out over the duration the radar contact was lost. No aircraft climbs at a rate of 10s. Now on climb out the AP will sometimes have the climb rate at a 50 spot (ie 1850fpm instead of plain 1800/1900fpm) but that isnt so much needed.

I didn’t know such a criteria exist!

V/S mode on most commercial planes, and certainly the large airbus and boeings, is adjustable in increments of 100fpm. Smaller increments are not required.

Other rates of climb/descent would be done by VNAV or Level Change, those modes are not currently modeled in IF.

Yeah on Flightaware I noticed this ‘‘gradual’’ climbs only take place when the plane is flying over the ocean.

I would request a feature for VNAV which can basically plan your step climb.

Apparently SimBrief and FPLtoIF are some tools you can already use to plan step climbs. This thread’s purpose is to allow pilots to be able to adjust autopilot V/S less than 100fpm.

That’s incorrect. You don’t have to vote for your own, but it’s incouraged.

Also, regular flights fly on autopilot except for take-off and landing. I don’t think a pilot adjusts his vspeeds manually. The autopilot takes care of that when VNAV is enabled. I think VNAV would be a way more useful feature especially for long flights. And climbing at a rate of below 50fpm is a bit useless. This is from my experience.

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