Ability to Add Letters to Airline Callsigns

Hi everyone!

The feature I am requesting is fairly simple, although I feel it would add to the game hugely.

What is my request?

The feature is simply to allow pilots to add a letter or two to the end of their (airline) callsign, which adds realism to the game

How will the feature work? (example)

Pilots will be able to add a letter or two to their name.

For example:

Callsign: Q-Link 561D

Pronounced as: Q-Link five six one delta

This feature will add greatly to IF - please vote as I think it will make the skies of IF very realistic :)


Sorry, this is a duplicate. Please search before posting.

That post was made in 2015 tho…

Makes no difference. Its the same feature. You can just vote and comment on the original post to push it further.

It is still active though - the last post there was only a few days ago. Mods only close feature topics (and let people make new ones) if they haven’t been active in months or a couple years.

It is still an active thread - the last reply was only a few days ago.

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