Ability for Tower to have Ground commands when airport has no ground frequency

As the title says, we need an ability for tower to have ground commands. At airports like St. Maarten, there is no ground frequency. So, this could be useful for controllers. Thoughts?


great idea!


hmmmmmmmm. If the airport has no ground frequency it’s probably not needed, so the commands wouldn’t be needed too.

In real life TNMC, have 3 Frequencies

JULIANA TOWER: 118.7 [1100-0100Z UTC-4]
JULIANA APPROACH: 128.95 118.7 [1200-2359Z UTC-4]
JULIANA DEPARTURE: 128.95 118.7 [1200-2359Z UTC-4]

However, in IF, TFFJ has ground control, but in real life, nope

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Though in real life, tower has the ability to also issue ground commands, unlike in IF.


i would say if nobody is on ground, the controller have to controlling ground via tower option, and when anybody select ground, the tower are free of ground controls.

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If the airport has no ground frequency then mostly, 99%, the tower will give the pushback and or taxi clearances.

Great suggestion!


Fixed. TNCM has Departure and now TFFJ has no ground.

It is updated ?

I am currently TFFJ’s ATC, and I still have ground control

Well, you need to wait until the next update to see it.

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Ok thanks ! ;)

No problem! :)

Houston IAH actually does not have ground, it is done all by tower

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