Ability for tower to act as ground in the absence of a ground frequency

At many small airports, such as my home airport, EGNM, there is only tower and ATIS frequencies (along with radar). In real life, the tower controller would give ground instructions, such as pushback and taxi, as well as controlling the airspace and runways.

Why do we need this?

If you are controlling ATIS and tower at an airport without ground, aircraft are free to taxi however they want, wherever they want, without supervision. This isn’t right for a controlled airport and can make things more difficult for the tower controller. Also, this feature would once again further the realism in the sim.

How would this be implemented?

In the commands menu on the tower frequency, there could be a section called ‘Ground commands’. You’d click on this and the regular taxi and pushback menus would be displayed. When an aircraft requests pushback/taxi, it would bring up a response prompt like normal.

Also, the exit runway command would have to be altered to have an option of ‘exit runway (left/right) when able, stay on my frequency. This could selected as the last option in the chain, like in immediate takeoffs.

This would only be available at airports without a ground frequency. This is wouldn’t work if the ground frequency just wasn’t open.

Thanks for taking the team to read this, stay safe and have a great day!

There has already been a topic on this, but it has 0 votes, isn’t very detailed and is 5 years old: Ability for Tower to have Ground commands when airport has no ground frequency I have flagged it for closure.

I don’t think this would be a good idea because what if the airport is really busy the tower would have to let all the aircrafts land/takeoff

Airports without ground will generally not get as much traffic as they are usually smaller charlies/deltas.

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It’s a great feature. Unfortunately, I don’t have any votes left (sorry). I think it must be implemented for airports who only has Tower frequency. But it think it’d be difficult to manage Ground and Tower in the same frequency for some controllers if it’s getting busy (personnally, I don’t mind doing both in the same frequency).

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I completely agree with you there. The workload may be higher but airports without ground don’t attract nearly as much traffic as ones with all frequencies. I think that it wouldn’t be much different from opening both frequencies at a different airport, just in one menu.

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Wow, this is an absolutely amazing idea!

I remember once Madrid was featured, ground went offline and you should have seen the chaos! Tokyo drifting in the grass, taxiing through terminals!

You definitely have my support!

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