Ability for pilots and ATC to see the limits and boundaries of Other controllers.

I think the maps need to have center and approach areas marked on the map so you know when to expect to switch over if able and other controllers don’t try to steal you from another controller


Well in real life every frequency is available.

I am aware of that. But without knowing where one controller has you and another doesn’t would help greatly in the sim

As the Devs are trying to keep the sim as real as possible I’m not sure.

Well it would be like having a chart on the map just so everyone is aware

In real life, the controllers wait @Freddiefrogs, a controller must not steal someone else’s aircraft on another frequency, the statement " Flight… Your in an active airspace please ect-" should only be used for aircraft not on a controlled frequency. Other than that the pilot should change by requesting freq change or be switched by the controller.