Ability for IFATC to ghost AC outside of control duties

Good afternoon IFC,

This Feature request is more so geared toward a permissive/permissions feature to IFATC. Here is the justification we all have mashed that report button or seen posts on the forum or IFFG about pilots not following procedures in absence of a controller. These individuals speed past other AC, cut off others on finals and blatantly disregard airmenship etiquette entirely. My proposal is that a permossion is added to certified IFATC to allow them to ghost inflight outside of control duties.

The control measures for this would be simple. All ghostings would be verrified with documented proof and justification from the IFATC member. So essentially it has probable cause and evidence given. I.e aircraft taxiing through eachother or taking off as another is on short final with near collision.

Now of course with anything there are negatives one is we may not catch all rule breakers but I believe we could set an defined order that even when IFATC controllers are not present your actions are still bring watched.

Thank you for your time and consideration


Andrew Sneed-IFATC

So is this for all IFATC or just some select ones?

A select group of IFATC already have that ability… so I am not sure this is really a feature request.


Heres my thinking. we give IFATC the ability to ghost in control duties why not grant it inflight as well. Same leve of trust in my eyes and opinion.

A small pool I believe you are correct but why not widden the net so to speak?

I guess however I think it would lead to far more complaints. The existing ghost pilots who have this ability were selected most likely due to their restraint and experience in what’s worth of ghosting. Some may be too quick to ghost pilots or whatever and it’s a lot more work for mods etc

This is not something we will do.

We currently have a select group of veteran controllers who are trusted with this ability. Though IFATC is entrusted with ghosting upon entry to the expert server team, giving even more discretion while flying should come with sustained trust and a proven track record of valid ghosts as a controller.

Someone joining IFATC should not be able to ghost as a pilot on day one. I hand select these capable individuals and hold them to a far higher standard. I appreciate the request but will close this to avoid wasted votes, as it’s not a direction I wish to take. Cheers!

Edit: @Asneed8706 you’re welcome to PM if you want. Didn’t wanna cut off your response but best to save everyone’s votes! 🙂