Ability for ATC to report.

I have more than 4000 operations, but as I’m not IFATC, I control on trainin server. and if I won’t pass the 3rd written test, I won’t be able to go there for at least another half a year And, my biggest concern is that ATC can’t report people, while every player can. So, my request is the ability for non-IFATC to report (not ghost) a pearson.

Unfortunately you gotta become IFATC, if TS controllers can ghost then unfortunately it is the end of the line for flying on TS server

I think he means just the reporting button as opposed to ghosting

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There’s no reason to institute ghosting on TS.

  1. The penalty for ghosting is to be relegated to TS. If you’re already on TS…there isn’t a penalty.

  2. It’s the Training Server for a reason. There’s no way the mods are going to monitor and review hundreds of erroneous ghostings, troll ghostings, ghostings that happen because an inexperienced ATC doesn’t actually know what they’re doing and so on.

  3. Pilots can press the report button on TS just like you can report as ATC now. It has the same effect already.


I even stated “report (not ghost)” in the text

That’s what report is…

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The report feature then leads to ghosts. Three reports gets a ghost, easier for trolls to ghost people.

Should’ve phrase better

Report require 3 reports to ghost, and it sucks you can’t report from tower. You rely on other pilots to do it for you.


The report function has been disabled, not sure if it was reactivated with global but as far as I’m aware the function works for no one

As far as I know, in the report menu IFATC can ghost, but for other people it is useless

And we don’t ghost on TS. Nor will ghosting ever be instituted there.

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There are waaaaay to many ATC on TS1 who have no clue how to properly control. If we give them the ability to report/ghost, TS1 and all of its players are in trouble. As you’ve seen, there are a lot of trolls on TS1 because it’s hardly regulated.
If you want the ability to be able to ghost, study hard and join IFATC. However, that shouldn’t really be a reason you want to join IFATC…

You said you are talking about the report function that pilots have, yes on the expert server IFATC can ghost but which are you referring to? they have the same name but different functions

Can you please elaborate on how this will make it easier for trolls to ghost people?

I personally think it’s a wonderful idea.

Having ATC reporting means you only need two people who shouldn’t be allowed on the TS to report someone

But three pilots can report someone so if trolls really want to ghost people they can just spawn in as regular planes…

I remember seeing that this is one area the devs were going to look at sometime. Not pointing at your ops, but unfortunately having a lot of ops does not mean that you know the rules better than others. Otherwise others will control until they reach the level that they can ghost and then it can be abused.

The training server is where people go to learn. But along with that not every user is part of the community.

I think the solution is much larger and goes beyond simple ghosting. It involves education and pilots being accountable. Being a mobile sim you will always have people who just want to crash into others.


So how many reports can a pilot have against them

In addition the menu always tell.me my controller rating is too low I have 1400 pain staking operations trying to provide act to users that request it but don’t follow it . Very costly for me as tablets don’t seem to fly very well … but incredible is the frustration WHEN users do not listen. The very principal of aircraft being in the air and being safe is that of controllers on the ground often referred to as guardian angles…

It depends on the grade. Consult the grade table in the sim to see.

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Excellent new feature however what stops other pilots just reporting anyone . Is it monitored like ghosting for instance I have 0 reports because I follow the rules so other pilots haVe no reason to report me however I’ve noticed I can’t report any1 as a controller as my rating is low how can I increase that i haven’t had an incidents whilst controlling ??