Ability for ATC to log out of individual frequencies

Picture this… It is a beautiful Friday night and the planes are flying. You are in charge of the tower and ground frequencies and you have a great flow going. You are running out of both sequencing numbers and Mountain Dew. Another controller comes to you and says “Hey, you have your hands full, lets tag and I will take your ground.” You sit up in your chair thinking “ok this is going to be great, I can focus on just tower”.

You go to log off your ground frequency and you can’t do that without it kicking you out of Tower. If you get kicked out of Tower you will lose all your hard work with clearing. Who knows what chaos will occur during that 60 second window without a tower controller.

ATC supervisors on expert can open multiple frequencies as well. This comes in handy with global because the volume is lower we can handle tower and approach at the same time. But from time to time it gets to the need to get another controller. You now lose all approach information for each aircraft. When you re-spawn you have to on-guard everyone, give them “expect vectors…” again to get them back to showing correctly in the strip.


  • Add a method to be able to log out of one or multiple frequencies instead of exiting the entire app. Maybe a popup prior to exit asking which frequencies would you like to exit?

  • Please include a warning so we can confirm our selection. After a few hours of controlling you get press happy.

Thank you for your votes :)

Darnit. I just saw there was one already out there. Sorry, didnt like bumping almost 2 year old posts. That one was made before voting was enabled :)

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This is a much more detailed by a mile, I say this one should be kept open while the other one closes. Up to mods!


Im surprised this idea hasn’t been brought up more often. I could see us using this a lot especially for mid session splitting for FNF and other times when traffic is heavy.


Yes please. This would be really really helpful

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Don’t worry, honey. I’ve got you covered.


How does this only have 12 votes so far… people… we gotta get those numbers up!


People used all their votes for coke cans and shiny cup holder requests.


Im out of votes but you have my comment support xD I swear I used my votes on meaningful stuff =p

This is definitely a good idea.

What a great idea. Has my vote.

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This is needed! Would be so much more useful and easy when ATCing!

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My bones are the earth, the skin is my sky.

I imagine a reality where this feature exists. It’s fun working a bunch of frequencies, but there is no feasible way to leave once the workload gets to be too much.

Make it happen!


And…the second version became dead too…wow! 😂😂😂😂

This would be IFATC’s best friend!

There. I just voted for my first thing ever. Although I may have to take it back if I can find a way to use all my votes on coke cans. Must find that one. Gotta keep the Realism™ up, you know.

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I am with you on this one, but I have no votes. Used them on Alaska Airlines liveries

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There you go @Tim_B Thought Starbucks might be even better

i like this idea because I have been in this situation at KLAX, KJFK and KSFO. When I can vote again I will put this on the list.

Giving this a huge bump. Much needed for IFATC controllers who control multiple frequencies.

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This is a great idea! I hope this will be added.