Ability for ATC to add “ILS Critical Hold Lines in Effect” to ATIS

Hello there. Today I have a quick feature suggestion. The feature is ATC being able to add the remark “ILS Critical Area Hold Short in Effect” to the ATIS information. ILS critical area hold positions look like the following (in the U.S. at least):


These lines are used IRL (FAA rules) when the visibility is less than 2 miles, or the cloud ceiling is less than 800 feet. However, the ATC controller may request certain aircraft hold short of them even if the weather is not below the standards stated above.

In Infinite Flight, most large airports have ILS crit. area hold lines. The airport editors have to add them in. The ATC controller constructing the ATIS information would be responsible of checking the weather conditions, but also making sure airports are equipped with ILS lines before adding the remark.

Controllers could potentially ghost users who pass by ILS lines, as they are technically entering the runway (the ILS lines function as normal hold short lines).

Thanks for giving my idea a read.

I like this idea as it adds to the Realism. ™️ Unfortunately I’m out of votes.


let’s get our pilots behind the Hold Short line first… then we can start moving back to include the ILS Critical Area.

Like the idea though! Would love to see it properly in effect when applicable.


I was literally just watching a video about what the different hold short lines are and all that😂 But yea couldn’t agree more, i’ll free a vote up for this:)

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We have a large number of pilots that blow past the runway hold short line on a regular basis. Whether it’s by half the plane, or just the nose, it’s still a runway incursion IRL.

While in theory this is great idea, from a practical standpoint this would just result in controller/pilot frustration and more reports. As was mentioned, let’s work on getting folks to actually hold short first.

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