Abertura de Flaps

Hello. I am very curious about the opening of Flaps of the IF aircraft. Could anyone tell me what are the speeds to start opening Flaps?


Heres a descent tutorial:

But each aircraft is different! You should go on google and there is where you will find the answer for the aircraft that you want


There is no one size fits all to that question. The best thing to do is google the aircrafts POH, and look it up within.


Normally they begin to deploy when passing below 230-240 knots. Just do what feels right, as you begin to gradually slow down for final, deploy them one setting at a time until you hit full flaps for final.


MaxSez: @Brandon_Sandstrom called it the aircraft of choice”Pilots Operation Handbook is the key. Flap setting are situation dependent, one size does not fit all. Google is your friend, if your gonna do it do it right!


as aberturas de flaps sempre vai dependendo da sua velocidade

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@Eliel_Felipe45. MaxSez: Felipe, Pls use the Google or other web translators. You get more accurate responses. English is the language of Aviation.
Do good work My Friend.
MaxSez: Felipe, usa o Google ou outros tradutores da web. Você obtém respostas mais precisas. O inglês é o idioma da aviação.
Faça um bom trabalho, meu amigo.

“Hello. I’m very curious about the opening of the IF aircraft flashover. Could anyone tell me what speeds to start opening Flaps?”