Abelag Aviation/Luxaviation Belgium Bombardier Challenger 350

Wow, me making a livery request, there’s a rarity.

With the recent announcement of the Bombardier Challenger 350 making it’s way to Infinite Flight in the future, I thought I’d try to persuade the livery designers to include a little piece of Belgium in their selection.

Credit: Poller Wilfrid.

Registered with the Belgian registration OO-WEG, this aircraft was built in 2018 and delivered to Abelag Aviation on the 7th of November in the same year.

Abelag Aviation was taken over by the Luxaviation Group a while before that, and a short while after delivery it was flying under the Luxaviation Belgium brand. This aircraft however still flies with the Abelag Aviation callsign and flight numbers, as do the other Abelag Aviation aircraft.

This is the only Belgian registered Challenger 350. This one flies mainly out of Brussels, but it has also operated from Liège a lot of times. Included as it’s base is Kortrijk Airport, another small Belgian airfield. However most notably, this aircraft is able to operate in and out of Antwerp Airport, and with it’s challengingly short commercial runway, this would be a treat to have.

It of course flies to basically everywhere around Europe, as most business jets do. But it does also fly as far as the Middle East from what I know.

I’m requesting this because I personally think we can always do with a little bit more Belgian liveries with the few we have now. Not only that of course, it just looks absolutely gorgeous in my opinion.

What do you think of this livery?

A simple but amazing design. Love the stripe pattern!

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I keep seeing these Challenger 350 liveries pop up! I love this livery.

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I was about to create a feature request for this exact C350, voted!
I’d love to see a few European registered C350.

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I 100% agree, very sleek looking little airplane with that livery.

@Generic_Flyer I wonder why xD. In all seriousness yes I do love it as well!

@FBRT What a coincidence. Thanks for the support! I’d love for a few European registered ones to make it in the release of this plane whenever it comes out. Especially a Belgian registration obviously ;) .

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Here we have this gorgeous little aircraft at Liège Airport.

Credit: Martin Le Penven.

Just today this aircraft has flown from Liège and back, with it being scheduled to Brussels tomorrow.

Certainly no lack of routes for this little Belgian bird.


Another great shot of this bird, showing off the beautiful silver and charcoal colours.

Credit: Kim Philipp Piskol.

Here it’s parked at Lübeck Blankensee (LBC/EDHL) in Germany.


Bump time after nearly a month.

A lovely night shot really bringing out the shininess of this livery.

Credit: Martin Tietz.

Seen here parked at Munich airport.


Got my vote!

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Thanks for your support!

Here we have the business end (see what I did there) of this gorgeous little plane.

Credit: C. v. Grinsven.

Parked at Amsterdam Schiphol.

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Yes please

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Been a while since I bumped this topic.

With the Challenger 350 coming ever closer to completion, I’ll do it again.

Credit: Kris Van Craenenbroeck.

Here we have this little silver bullet taxiing at good ol’ Brussels Airport.

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Hint hint 👀


Yes, I saw it during the Livestream as well. Very exciting!

Glad to have another Belgian registered aircraft make it’s way into the sim. We’re now up to 6 Belgian (OO-) registrations, expanding the Belgian representation nicely.

Can’t wait to do some flights with this little beauty.

A massive thank you to everyone who supported and voted for this livery. You all made it happen!


Really like this design, I add a vote ;)

It has been confirmed looks like haha, late to vote


I just voted and then scrolled down and saw that it is confirmed, nice to see!


Released in 23.2