Abel_Kocsis' ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EDDT

Dear fellow community members!

I’m about to do the practical test for IFATC and I just wanted to make one, or two if needed Sessions at Berlin Tegel airport. I used to be IFATC for half a year but due to school I had to take a longer break from controlling and I lost my license. I don’t want to encumber the busy training team, but I would need a little refreshment training so I familirise myself with the ATC commands in the app. I already passed the Written part again.

These are the details for the session.

  • Time of start: TBA
  • Server: Training
  • Airport: Berlin Tegel - Otto Lilienthal (EDDT-TXL)
  • Timespan: 20-25 min
  • Aircrafts needed:
    - 2x A319/B737-700/CRJ200 -» starting from the ramp, 2-3 patterns
    - 1x A319/B737-700/CRJ200 -» starting from EDDB, requesting transition, than 1-2 patterns
    - 1x A319/B737-700/CRJ200 -» starting from the ramp, requesting departure
    - 1x TBM930/C175/X-Cub » strarting from the ramp, 2-3 traffic patterns
  • NOTAMS: Dual runway operations, right and left traffic patterns, please do the task of your chosen aircraft, and enjoy the session :)
  • Please write down the aircraft and type of flight you want to choose!
  • Please give feedback after the session!

Kindest regards,
Ábel Kocsis


Berlin Tegel Tower and Ground open for 1-2 h. Come by if you want, if possible with one of the above mentioned flights! :)

Still open!!! Waiting for pilots!

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When will you close?


Not soon. Probably open for another hour or two


I’ll swing by!


Thanks a lot!

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Please tag next 😉

I will stay open in case any traffic is coming :)


Im coming for ya

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Feedback from F-ANTA:

  • Transition was a little low at 2500, airport elevation was 122 so 122 + 2500 is 2622, rounded up is 3000 (3000 was the correct transition altitude) . The correct formula is airport elevation + 2500 rounded up to the nearest 500

  • Pattern entry was very good, well done!

  • You cleared me for the option when I was inbound for touch and go, but you did not give me a direction after the option, you should have given me ‘F-ANTA, number 1 cleared for the option Runway 26L after the option make Left traffic’ so I would be able to know which way to go when I took off again.

  • Nice Runway Change!

  • Again, you cleared me for the option on 26R but didn’t tell me which way to go after the option

  • Not sure why you called the Go Around, I was quite close to the exit and the aircraft behind me was still quite a long way out

No other issues from me, pretty good session and thanks for having me!

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Thanks for the feedback.
I didn’t remember that I had to give pattern direction after transition, now I know. The transition altitude, I just realised that the elevation was 122 😅
The goaround was for precaution. I didn’t see the intetion of stopping

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Thank you guys for helping me, haha I know I messed up a little with after the option but then I realised it. I hope it wasn’t that bad 😅

Hi there!
Here’s the feedback from ( HA-BIL ):

•Im so confused with The sequence here, im the first and no sequence needed here.

•Going Around for me? I was touched down

•Missed Go-Around! focus on the final traffic. Try on 2Nm behind the traffic.

•Check the METAR first. It’s so windy👀

That’s it

There I resequenced, because D-LOWPAZ was requesting runway change. Oh did I tell YOU the go around?🙀 Sorry for that

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A lot of minor mistakes And one missed go around. Try to focus 👀

Roger that! I still need to get used to the commands in the app again, because I have the procedures in my head, but sometimes I don’t find them in the interface and I get a little confused. But a little more practice will bring the knowledge back

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Try “Enter Right downwind runway 26L number2 Traffic to follow is on right base”

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Feedback D-LOWPAZ :

  • Transition was correct 👍

  • First Clearance without pattern entry ( Left / Right traffic )

  • After runway change you have also to give left or right traffic in your clearance… you missed that multiple times.

  • I was pretty tight close/ behind HA-BIL… and provoke a conflict. You could gave me an“extend downwind, I call your base “

  • You confound HA-BIL with me a few times… you send the wrong sequence message to the wrong person
    Including the Go Around … I crossed the threshold and you gave me no GA-instruction .
    That’s a completely Fail .

For the future I recommend you:

After an first pattern time : clearance , after the Option make left / right traffic
After runway change : the same… left or right traffic

Don’t confound the pilots. Tap on the planes / don’t use the Slidebar on the side if you have Problems with that

Use extend upwind/downwind to keep spacing

… and send the Go Around to the right person


Thank you for the feedback! Well yeah this was my first session after 9 months so I see now how rusty I am after this long. I thought it will be easier to get back 😅
Are you guys available tomorrow for another session?

btw @GER-ALLIANCE_LUU wohnst du in Tirol?