Today I flew a flight no wait… 2 FLIGHTS!! I went to Aruba (kudos to everyone who knows where Aruba is), and did a hop to the island that raised me. Bonaire (more kudos if you know where Bonaire is).
Bonaire and Aruba are part of the “ABC-islands”. Easy to remember the islands 🙃 and of course, definitely worth a visit.
So I got my little CRJ200 and made some pics.
I did Aruba-Bonaire and back, so extra more fun

You ever been to the ABC-islands?

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Flight details

route: Aruba-Bonaire-Aruba
plane: CRJ 200, Aruba Airlines
flight time: 00.58
any notes: beautiful route with beautiful coastlines, and flying between the islands is very short. So if you’re looking for a short and scenic flight, here’s where you need to be.


Ladies and gentlemen, Aruba Airlines flight 857 is leaving in 15 minutes

Departure out of Aruba, with a pic of the island

ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be descending soon. Please fasten your seatbelts and put back your seat in its original position

On final at Bonaire Flamingo international

ladies and gentlemen, Aruba Airlines flight 856 is boarding in 10 minutes

A beautiful departure out of Bonaire

Flying back over Aruba, about to turn base

Turning final

ladies and gentlemen, welcome back at Queen Beatrix international. We hope at Aruba Airlines you had a wonderful flight, and we can’t wait to see you again

Thanks for viewing, good day/night🛫


Great pictures!
I’ve flown around the ABC islands and I’ve got to say that they are some of most beautiful islands that I’ve seen in IF!


Those look like fun flights to add to my list!

And those last 2 pictures are awesome

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ABC and Aruba sounds like fun and that’s what your pictures show too! Great scenery, thanks for sharing!

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The moon shot is awesome! 🤩

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As easy as 123… If you have a subscription.


Thanks, they’re indeed very beautiful. the ABC-islands are great for hopping too or an international flight.
(I’ve hopped there thousands of times in real life)😅

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Thank you very much😊

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Thanks mate 😄

Nice pictures! Keep it up!!

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Thank you very much😊

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Really nice shots!