Abbotsford Virtual Airshow Performances

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Earlier today (or whenever the 1900z on September 17th was when you’re seeing this) an virtual airshow was held in Abbotsford, just a little was north of Seattle in Canada. Here’s some of the best screenshots from every performance I could find in my replay. The chaotic post performance group “formation” flight is not included.

Original Event Topic: 17SEP22 - 2022 virtual Abbotsford airshow!

Mini-Mod Repellent

Aircraft: 747-SCA, but everyone else were in their vehicle of choice
Performance Count: Greater Than 10
Server: Casual, because we’d get drowned in violations otherwise

Anyways, on to the performances (in order of occurrence)

1| Off the bat we have @aviator1 in the F/A-18 Super Hornet

2| Just after that, @Nate_Schneller at the wheel of an F-22 is almost at the end of a dive
(I don’t know where that giant box in the top left came from)

3| Here was my own performance, consisting of several flybys in the 747-SCA

4| @Alaska_298_super_YT, the event host, performs a dirty pass in the Super Hornet

5| A318 manned by @United403 being taken on a low and slow pass

6| Refueling demo done by @flyin_hawaiian in the KC-10 and @Butter575 in the Raptor

7| @Captain_Angell swinging around the A320 on a landing approach

8| Heritage flight demonstrating not only the real life difference in technology, but the Infinite Flight difference of aircraft quality. Spitfire being flown by @Ken_wei and the Super Hornet crewed by @Shivaan_Maharaj

9| Blue Angles Super Hornet with @Jayden_Castillo at the controls headed skywards in front of Mt. Baker (I think)

10| @Butter575 in the Raptor, zipping right over where we’ve all seemed to gather

Unfortunately due to how many photos one can cram into any one of these topics, @Shivaan_Maharaj’s solo F/A-18 demo had to be cut (although they can still be found in photo 8), and @Generic_Flyer’s F/A-18 demo as well had to be cut.
They were all amazing performances, and again due to the limit I can only put so many in, but I still wanted to get some variety in here instead of constant Super Hornets.


Have a favorite photo or two?

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Thanks for the photos!! It was truly am amazing day

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A full show of my f18 performance at Abbotsford can be seen here